Renewable Energy Micro/Mini Grids

As over 70% reside in Rural India, the overall economic and social development is directly linked to the growth of the rural sector. Rural India needs sustained access to electricity to make a significant contribution.

UN Sustainable Development Goals states, that everyone should have access to electricity. India With over 300 million (mostly) Rural Indians constitutes the world’s largest number of off-grid people. The International Energy Agency, says that worldwide, “70% of the rural areas that currently lack access will need to be connected using mini-grids.” Despite rapid development, household electrification and electricity supply continues to fall short of the global average.

Solar Powered Off-Grid Energy for Rural Schools and Communities


Micro/Mini grids electrify rural homes through a combination of Wind-Solar Hybrid and Off-Grid Solar PV Power Plant Systems ranging from 1kWp to 10kWp. E-Hands Energy partners with grassroot NGO’s who engage with villagers and secure the support for Micro/Mini grid projects. Capital funds are mobilized through CSR funding from willing corporate organisations. NGO’s mobilize villagers to form a Village Energy Co-operative which would collect payments for the maintenance and management of the project.


  • Reduced dependence on regular grid power
  • Improved sanitation with solar-lit toilets
  • Increased study hours with solar lighting and sustained solar power
  • Enhanced living conditions for women
  • Rural job creation

Case Studies

pdfMicro/Mini Grids
Social Impact

Business Model

Please refer to the illustrative representation of this engagement, for a clearer perspective.

Micro/Mini Grids Business Model