Yes, at E-Hands Energy it is our founding principle. Since, our inception in 2009, we have traversed rooftops and hilltops with a range of solar, micro-wind turbines, hybrid solar-wind renewable energy and rural solar lighting solutions. E-Hands Energy, is a member of ADB’s “Energy for All” program, with 300+ installations providing clean tech energy access to45,000 people covering border areas, railway crossings, NGOs, rural homes, schools and IT & Micro Finance companies. Translating to 2500 tons in carbon reduction from the atmosphere. Read more




… we have had flawless operation of the wind turbine and solar panel supplied by you for the Zf room as part of the Design Centre. In fact, the wind turbine has often been the cynosure of all eyes, and has played a part in Polaris being recognised as an Organization that values the environment.
Vice President - Admin. Operations : Polaris Financial Technology Ltd.
The Kestrel model 600W windmill that powers the non light areas of our kitchen was extremely timely in the development of the Pathashaala campus. Phocos lamps with the modifications to our round tables answered this need perfectly.
Director & Secretary, Pathashaala,: Krishnamurti Foundation India
“Green branches…We installed the E-Hands Energy solar powered inverters there which have solved our power supply problems. Additionally the innovative solution by E-Hands Energy to power our new Low Watt virtual desktops with Solar powered DC power systems have greatly cut our power bills.
Executive Vice President, Head – Business & Marketing, : Micro Finance Institution