Border Energy Access

India’s international land border measures about 15,000 kms, prone to inclement weather and mostly inaccessible by road or rail routes. Hence, it is infeasible to reach grid power to all places along the border. The electrification of border areas offers an addressable market size of INR 5,000 crore.

The Department of Border Management was created in the Ministry of Home Affairs in January, 2004 to pay focused attention to the issues relating to management of international land and coastal borders, creation of infrastructure like roads, fencing and flood lighting of borders and implementation of Border Area Development Programme (BADP).

Electrification for Remote Off-Grid Border Areas


E-Hands Energy offers solar-wind hybrid solution to electrify remote outposts located in very high altitudes.


Electrifying Border Outposts – Indo Tibetan Border Police:

E-Hands Energy team traversed 25+ kms of Himalayan terrain, facing extreme weather to port over 20 tons of material to the Indo-Tibetan border outpost at an altitude of 16,000 feet. This project envisages 10kwp solar-wind hybrid system, which provides reliable and sustained electricity to army border outpost buildings.


  • Eliminates Diesel – eco-friendly and safeguards the Himalayan ecosystem
  • Saves costs on transportation of fuel
  • Operates throughout the year – 100% uptime of critical communication equipment
  • Reliable Electricity to the armed forces to protect our border

Case Studies

pdfBorder Energy Access
A Case Study on Lapthal Project