CSR-Funded Renewable Energy Projects

Corporates can engage in social stewardship by participating in community development activities. Sustainable Energy is a good way of making a contribution to improve the quality of life and empower livelihoods in rural India. E-Hands Energy has engaged with several prominent corporate organisations who have channeled their CSR funds for community enrgy projects. The government policy for CSR stipulates that every qualifying company requires spending of at least 2% of its average net profit for the immediately preceding 3 financial years on CSR activities. Further, the qualifying company will be required to constitute a committee (CSR Committee) of the Board of Directors (Board) consisting of 3 or more directors.For more details click this link
The renewable energy projects will come under Schedule VII of the Act ‘Environmental sustainability, ecological balance and conservation of natural resources’

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Translation: I am a student of standard 8 in the government school. Here there is no electricity supply. After E-Hands Energy installed solar lighting at our school, we are able to study in the night.

Remote Village Solar Electrification

Mini Solar Grid
NGO: Kalap Trust, Uttarkashi, Uttarkhand
1kwp solar mini grid provides basic 20+ rural households with safe, reliable lighting and mobile charging. In addition, reliable and consistent solar power and lighting empowers women entrepreneurs engaged in dying, weaving activities, etc.

Electrifying Community Homes and Street Lights

Empowering Tribal Communities

Solar-Wind Hybrid System
NGO: Seva Vocational Training Foundation (SVTF), Basti, Uttar Pradesh
1.5kw wind-solar hybrid system powers a community complex which houses toilet facilities and the street lights along the pathway.

Un-interrupted Electricity for Rural School

Empowering Rural Education

Mini Solar Grid
CSR: Henkel, Kochechapada, Goraad and Zari, Maharashtra
2.5kwp solar mini grid for powering schools and 2kwp for powering neighboring tribal hamlets ensure un-interrupted education – adequate study hours, enable conduct of e-learning programmes and safe, reliable lighting in tribal homes.

Off-Grid Electricity to Power Lighting and Education

Empowering Rural Education

Solar-Wind Hybrid System
Annur, Tamil Nadu & Shrirampur, Maharashtra
The solar-wind hybrid system provides off-grid electricity to a School in Tamil Nadu and College in Maharashtra in the rural belt. This enables proper lighting to carry on with regular education activities.

Electricity for Rural School

Empowering Rural Education

Micro Solar  Grid
CSR:Murugappa Group,: Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
5kwp grid tied solar to provide electricity for rural school.