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Empowering Rural India with Clean Energy Solutions

Providing Access to Clean Electricity for Rural Communities

E-Hands Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to bringing renewable energy solutions to rural areas in India, enabling access to clean electricity for households and financial institutions. Our team is passionate about making a positive impact and ensuring a sustainable future for rural communities.

Trusted Partner in Rural Electrification

At E-Hands Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to being a trusted partner in the rural electrification journey. We work closely with local communities, understanding their unique energy needs, and providing tailored solutions to meet their requirements.

Decades of Rural Energy Expertise

With over 30 years of experience in rural energy projects, our team possesses in-depth knowledge and insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with rural electrification. We have successfully implemented numerous projects, positively impacting the lives of thousands in rural India.

Sustainable and Reliable Solutions

We believe in delivering sustainable and reliable energy solutions that have a lasting impact. Our focus on quality and durability ensures that the communities we serve have access to uninterrupted and clean electricity, contributing to their overall development.

Customized Energy Solutions for Rural Needs

Recognizing that each rural community has unique energy requirements, we offer personalized energy solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our approach involves understanding local dynamics and collaborating closely with stakeholders to deliver solutions that address energy challenges effectively.

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Banks, Micro Finance Institutions and Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) operating in rural India, experience unreliable power supply and intermittent load shedding; which inhibits regular business operations. These organizations install Diesel Generators to provide power backup resulting in significant capital expenditure and being unfriendly to the environment.
E-Hands Energy uses affordable, sustainable and scalable renewable energy technologies to power these branches.

Solar Powered Rural Banking

We take clean energy to rural villages/remote communities that are truly "Off-Road & Off-Grid". 

Our typical micro grids in Himalayas are 15 KMs off the road at an altitude of 7,500 ft. above sea level.

These micro grids enable lighting, mobile charging and off-the-shelf appliances to be connected to the solar plant.

Clean Electricity Micro Grids fore Remote Villages

We provide roof-top based Grid-tie solar solutions, enabling our cllients with

Reliable and uninterrupted energy

Lock-in against price esclations

Significant operational savings

Grid-Tie Solar for Commercial & Industrial

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